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We welcome your University / Company/ Education/ Research / Art Center to promote your Enterprise to Top Scientific Europe presented by the major Top 1000 Ranking Site of the Top Universities & Research & Art Centers in Europe.

By promoting your Enterprise, doors will be opened that are normally closed. You will have access to over 10.000.000 European and International Students who are orienting themselves for a starting new Study / Career at a challenging University / Company inside or outside Europe. Among them will be the special very best and the very talented students.

Your Promotion Foto / Video will be noticed by many Prospective Students and the Top Leaders in the Scientific world of Education & Research & Art. The Organization ETUR of the Top European Ranking Site has connections with the best Research & Education Centers in Europe and intermediates in the funding of European and International Education & Research projects.

The Foto / Video with the TEXT of your choice for your enterprise will be published on the Top Ranking list for the Country of your Choice.

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You can choose to Promote your Enterprise by:

1) One Foto and Text and the Link to you Enterprise

2) One Foto and Text and the Video link related to your Enterprise

Upload the Promotion Foto by Email to:

Promotion (promotion@topuniversity.eu)